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Interviews with Mary Spicer, USA, July 2016


Sexual Conditioning, Awareness and Tantra


Your Body is Magnetic: Understanding Male and Female Polarity


Sex, Emotions and Sexual Healing


Audio Books

The heart of tantric sex, Diana Richardson

The Heart of Tantric Sex

The Heart of Tantric Sex
Written by Diana Richardson
Read by Hannah Martin, USA

Published by TANTOR MEDIA, USA, on 10th April, 2018


TED Talk

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Enrique, Geno e Leon

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TEDx talk
by Diana Richardson

17 minutes
10th February, 2018, Linz, Austria

Awareness in sex creates love and connection, says author Diana Richardson. She has spent 25 years teaching couples about sex as a form of meditation where longing and attraction don’t die. Are you open minded? Are you open to explore? Learn how sex can bring healing and connection to your relationship in this thought-provoking talk.