A profound experience, a coming home, a spiritual honeymoon, a reawakening of love.
A week that can change your life!

Time for Femininity

Ann Descombes

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"It was my great pleasure and honour to share the design of 'Time for Femininity' with Anne Descombes in 2020, and since then she has been offering this retreat for women in FRANCE. I have known Anne for over 15 years, we first met when she participated in the Making Love Retreat with her husband Jean-Francois. After about 7 years of personal experience and participation in many couple retreats, in 2014 they became authorised teachers of the Making Love Retreat in France. They have become close friends and colleagues and they are a source of great inspiration and support to me, and countless others. In addition Anne has participated and assisted in my women's retreats, and she is deeply committed to living consciously and lovingly. I am infinitely grateful to both Anne and Jean-Francois for their contribution to creating peace and love." Puja Diana, January 2020

French language only, no English translation

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Dates 2024/25

7 au 12 juillet 2024
27 déc. 2024 au 1 janvier 2025
8 au 13 juillet 2025


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"After 18 years I am handing over 'Time for Femininity' to a new generation. I am happy to have found in Diana and Simone two women who have been connected to my work for years and are deeply immersed in what seems essential to me. Both have been working in the team of assistants of the retreat 'Time for Femininity' for a long time and know the work in detail. They are also very familiar with the Making Love Retreat. I am very happy that they are taking my work forward and wish them every success." Puja Diana, September 2021

Time for Femininity
A purifying and cleansing process for women, developed by Diana Puja Richardson.
With Diana Beer and Simone Leu –> Detailed information in German

German language only, no English translation

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Dates 2024

Tue, 21 – Sun, 26 May 2024
Tue, 03 – Sun, 08 September 2024