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Tantrix sex and menopause, Diana Richardson

New Boxed Set:
Tantric Sex for Lovers

Contains 3 books:

  • Tantric Orgasm for Women
  • Slow Sex
  • Tantric Sex for Men
by Diana & Michael Richardson

Publication date: January 2024
Inner Traditions

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Tantric Orgasm for Women, Diana Richardson

Tantric Orgasm for Women

by Diana Richardson

Destiny Books . May 2004 . paperback . 256 pages
ISBN 0-89281-133-1

Also available as an audio book

German edition: Zeit für Weiblichkeit
Spanish edition:  Orgasmo Tantrico para Mujeres
French Edition: Slow Sex pour les Femmes
Czech edition: Tantrický orgasmus pro ženy

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Slow Sex

The Path to Fulfilling and Sustainable Sexuality
by Diana Richardson

Destiny Books . January 2011 . paperback . 167 pages
ISBN 978-1-59477-367-9

Also available as an audio book

German edition: Slow Sex
Spanish edition: Slow Sex
French edition: Slow Sex
Korean edition: Slow Sex (in Korean script)
Czech edition: Vědomé milování

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Tantric Sex for Men, Diana Richardson

Tantric Sex for Men

Making Love a Meditation
by Diana & Michael Richardson

Destiny Books . July 2010 . paperback . 176 pages
ISBN 978-1-59477-311-2

Also available as an audio book

German edition: Zeit für Männlichkeit
Spanish edition: Sexo tantrico para hombres
French edition: Slow Sex pour les homes

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Tantrix sex and menopause, Diana Richardson

Tantric Sex and Menopause

Practices for Spiritual and Sexual Renewal
by Diana Richardson & Janet McGeever

Inner Traditions . April 2018 . paperback . 224 pages
ISBN 978-1620556832

German edition: Wechseljahre. Mit Achtsamkeit sexuell & spirituell neustarten
Spanish edition: Sexo Tántrico y Menopausia (2020)
Czech edition: Tantrický Sex a Menopauza

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The Heart of Tantric Sex, Diana Richardson

The Heart of Tantric Sex

A Unique guide to Love and Sexual Fulfilment 
by Diana Richardson

First published in 1999 as The Love Keys
O-Books . May 2003 . paperback . 256 pages
ISBN 1903816378

Also available as an audio book

German edition: Zeit für Liebe
Spanish edition: Tantra, amor y sexo
French edition:  Tantra. Guide pratique pour une relation sexuelle et amoureuse épanouie
Estonian edition: Tantra-seksi olemus
Russian edition: The Heart of Tantric Sex (in Russian script)
Romanian edition:  Daniele sexului tantric

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Tantric Love: Feeling versus Emotion, Diana Richardson

Tantric Love: Feeling versus Emotion

Golden Rules to Make Love Easy
by Diana & Michael Richardson

O-Books . May 2004 . paperback . 106 pages
ISBN 978-1-84694-283-9

German edition:  Zeit für Gefühle
Spanish edition:  Manual de Amor. Sentimientos versus emociones
French edition: Amour et émotions
Romanian edition: Iubirea tantrica. Sentimente versus emoţii

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Tantric Love Letters, Diana Richardson

Tantric Love Letters

On Sex and Affairs of the Heart
by Diana Richardson

O-Books . May 2011 . paperpack . 212 pages
ISBN 978-1-78099-154-2

German edition: Zeit für Offenheit

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Cooler Sex, Wendy Doeleman, Diana Richardson

Cool Sex

An essential young adult guide to loving, mindful sex
by Diana Richardson & Wendy D oeleman

Publication date November 2020
O-Books · 114 pages
ISBN 978-1-78904-351-8

Also available as an audio book

German edition:
Cooler Sex. Das Handbuch für ein richtiges gutes Liebesleben
French edition:
Cool Sex. Sexualité plus cool ... vie amoureuse plus simple?
Spanish edition:
Sexo Cool. Manual de sexualidad amorosa para jóvenes